Monday, June 13, 2011

Brown Rice

I was at Key Lime Cove with my BFF's. We had fun we went on all the water slides and went to the arcade for a little while. We went to our room (presidential suite). When we got there we saw a boy I totally made a fool of myself and said Hi. We bought stuff from the Vendi machines. I wasn't paying attention to my friends I was paying attention to the boy we reffered to brown rice.We went back to the room and all I thought about was "brown rice". Well my luck was strong that day because we got some ice form the machine the boy was still there. He finally decided to way at us :O. Hilarious my friend was about to talk to him but i stopped her Hallelujah. We went back to the room once again. I had one more excuse to go out there we popped our popcorn. We wet in the hallway but the boy wasn't outside his door anymore :( So we popped the popcorn and went to sleep. In the morning one of my friends had to leave early. Well me and my other friend went to eat breakfast. We saw brown rice for the last time then we left.

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